Professional Carpet Cleaning

We all know the fact that healthy carpets mean healthy homes.

But, have you noticed that your soft flooring lost its softness and color? Or your carpets are not as vibrant as it used to be? Or your rugs are not as fresh as new?  This is the time when you need professional help and support. The Carpet Cleaner Melbourne cleaners will revive your carpets and rugs with special treatment and they will return the life back to your carpets! However, our professionals will not only clean your carpet to look great, but they will keep it out of bacteria and allergens too.

Comprehensive Carpet Care

Getting professional carpet cleaning services that truly address your individual needs can be tricky and sometimes difficult. It is important to get a service provider with extensive experience, vast knowledge of carpet cleaning techniques, and a complete suite of services. But our experts will do some tests to figure out which cleaning method and chemicals are best for your carpet.

We provide:

•A signature carpet cleaning process

•Carpet stain removal

•Carpet odor removal

•Pet odor treatments

Whatever you need, you can rest assured that the Carpet Cleaner Melbourne is prepared to lend you a hand and help you get your property exactly how you want it, the way it should be.

Carpet Steam Clean Melbourne

Methods to Professional Clean:

We offer two types of professional cleaning.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

The steps are:

We use high temperature water to generate steam that kills harmful bacteria, germs and various other types of pollutants that can lead to health issues.

Our high pressure cleaning methods will easily break down tough, greasy and oily soils that get deeply embedded in your carpet fibers.

Our powerful vacuum suction lifts will extract the cleaning solution as well as the dirty water for an effective clean.

Thorough extraction of dirt, bacteria and oils is crucial for effective carpet cleaning and can only be done by professionals. Upon completion of the cleaning process, you will be left with a totally rejuvenated carpet that looks and feels fresh and hygienic.

Carpet Steam Clean Melbourne

Dry Carpet Cleaning

This method is used for the materials which are susceptible to water damage. We spread a harmless dry powder over the carpet, and then rub it deep between the fibers with a fine brush. The powder is then extracted alongside any impurities.

We make use of the latest equipment and techniques to ensure that our client’s carpets are always kept fresh and sanitary. Your carpets will be treated with effective cleaning solutions, capable of dealing with any stain.

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