The Recent Outbreak of Coronavirus

The recent outbreak of coronavirus (COVID-19) has shaken most of the countries in the world, thus Australians are very much apprehensive about how to protect themselves from this pandemic virus infections. Since this virus is a person- to- person infectious disease, preventive measures are necessary to stop the spread out. Carpet Cleaner Melbourne has taken initiatives to apply cognitive measures along with some additional cleaning in its every single site, so that virus prevention would be easier.

Carpet Cleaner Melbourne is committed to implementing the following Preventive Measures everyday:

#Every corner of the premises is vacuumed thoroughly, therefore no room for dust to be left out to reduce virus contamination.

#We ensure that every desk, chair, table is dusted and wiped down with disinfectant.

#Kitchen benchtops get disinfectant every single day and floors get mopped down with disinfectant.

#High touch areas such as doors, door handles, doorknob, light switches, remotes get wiped down with disinfectant and the other areas where people get around and touch is always taken with extra care.

#We also make sure that every employee maintains the personal hygiene such as washing hands and public place hygiene gestures (sneezing and coughing etc). Allow no one in the job if someone is having cold or flu- like symptoms.

#We use high quality cleaning equipment and supplies, including hospital grade disinfectant. Additional hygiene precautions are taken before every clean, including new rubber gloves and new cleaning cloths.

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