We offer the best budget-friendly grout cleaning service in Melbourne

Has the look of your floor deteriorated over time? Or do you always fail to properly clean the space in-between the tiles which make the whole floor look rough and unkempt? Well, Carpet Cleaner Melbourne has the best solution for you as we offer easy on the budget grout cleaning service in Melbourne. We are one of the best cleaning service providers in the market.

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Carpet Cleaner Melbourne has been in the cleaning industry for a significant amount of time now. Over the years, the number of repeat customers and word of mouth recommendations we have had stands testament to our superior cleaning solutions. The service we deliver is not only limited to floor cleaning as we offer end of lease cleaning, upholstery cleaning, flood damage restoration , commercial cleaning and top-notch carpet cleaning as well.
By making use of state of the art equipment and high-quality industrial level products, we clean grout in the best possible way and leave your floor looking flawless.

Do you need grout cleaning?

If you have had your tiles installed for a long period of time, there are high chances that the grout is now discoloured and holds grime and bacteria. Because grout is encapsulated between two tiles, it is a fairly hard to reach spot with normal household cleaning equipment, which is why it does not get tended to. Over the years the grout may accumulate a ton of bacteria, germs and dirt, posing it a threat to all those who walk the floor barefoot. To keep your property hygienic and free from germs, grout cleaning by professionals is especially important.

Grime infested grout is one of the key things that compromise the aesthetics of your tiled floor. Tiled flooring does not come cheap and if not properly taken care of it can become a real eyesore over time. Regular grout cleaning by professionals like Carpet Cleaner Melbourne can help in keeping your floor looking spotless at all times. Additionally, if you plan to sell your property, after an expert tile and grout cleaning, the value of your property may increase immensely.

How we go about the process

 Firstly, you can contact us to get a quote for the any of the services that you may require. Once you find our quote suitable, we can decide on a time and date that suits your schedule. You can hire our service at any time of any day as we are open 24/7 throughout the year. On the day of service, our cleaners will give you a call prior to coming to your place.

Once they are there, the first step of cleaning is to dusting the floor completely. The next step is to spray the floor with cleaning detergent to soften the grime. The detergent is left on the floor for some time. After this our cleaners will either hand-scrub the floor or use high-tech machines to remove the now softened dirt. After scrubbing, another cleaning chemical is put on which works as an anti-bacterial to kill all germs. The next step is to rinse the floor and dry it by using paper towels. Lastly the floor is polished for a fresh look.

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We are proudly the best grout cleaners in Melbourne who get the job done without weighing too heavily on your pocket. To hire our service, get in touch with us on the details given below.

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