Professional Tile and Grout Cleaning Services in Williams Landing

Carpet Cleaner Melbourne offers your floors a fresh look with our exclusive Williams Landing collection of affordable tile and grout cleaning services. Carpet Cleaner Melbourne in the cleaning industry, at Williams Landing, is a renowned brand. Our power-packed cleaning services, guaranteed results, and after-sales services are some of the things we are known for. So if you have got a dirty floor or faded tile then don’t plan to change the tiles and grouts, instead, opt for our impeccable tile and grout cleaning services at Williams Landing.

Do you Need Professional Tile and Grout Cleaners at Williams Landing?

The answer is Yes! No matter what kind of tile you have, in order to ensure a healthy environment prevails in your premises, it is important to have it professionally cleaned once in a while. Time makes its own traces on the grout and tiles. Either in the form of stains and spots or in the form of degradation and discolouration, you can see them. Apart from this, some damage is invisible to the naked eye. Grouts are porous, for example, that attract bacteria, mould, dust, allergens, germs, and what not!

Home cleaning techniques do not do justice to your lovely tiles with over-the-counter cleaning solutions. You would not see many positive results, even though you practically bend down to your knees to clean the ground. On the other hand, advanced cleaning is performed using highly efficient cleaning products and the newest cleaning equipment.

How Carpet Cleaner Melbourne Clean Tiles and Grout at Williams Landing?

  • Tiles and Grouts Pre-Treatment- Our cleaners use an alkaline-based degreasing agent to clean the tiles and grouts. For nearly 30 minutes, we let it linger. This allows dust, contaminants, grease and other residues to be loosened.
  • Tile Scrubbing-Special brushes are used by our cleaners to stir the surface of tiles and grout lines. In order to ensure that they are also completely clean, we concentrate on baseboards and edges.
  • Pressure Rinsing of Tiles-We then uses heated water to extract/rinse the tiles under high pressure. This extracts in one go all the dirt and contaminants.
  • Surface Drying-When our cleaners have removed all the water from the tiles and grouts, with the help of high-powered fans, we dry the floors.

We also give excellent re-colouring of the grout, which is a much better option than re-grouting. It is cost-effective, takes less time and rejuvenates the floor completely to give them a fresh look. You can choose from a number of colours with a warranty from Carpet Cleaner Melbourne at William’s Landing.

Benefits of Getting your Grouts and Tiles Cleaned From Experts at Williams Landing

  • To restore dirty tile and grout lines to their original condition
  • Prolong life of your home tiled floor by cleaning grout lines
  • The bathroom wall with tile will look new after service from our bathroom grout cleaner.
  • Remove mould from grout
  • Clean tiled floor add value to your home value especially in the case of commercial tiled areas, it becomes extremely difficult to keep them looking good and the grout rapidly discolours.
  • Treat the slippery surface.
  • Safe from health risks and damages.

Tile Cleaning at Williams Landing By Carpet Cleaner Melbourne

Tiles come in thousands of styles, colours, sizes and finishes that are different. Over the past decade, the tiling industry has boomed as more and more people opt for tiles and natural stone over carpets, with longevity, health reasons, and simpler maintenance being the key reasons. Most of us imagine ceramic tiles when the word 'tile' is mentioned, most likely because most of the usage thinks it is one of the most common forms and the fact that it has been around for centuries.

This is not the case, however. We have big choices and finishes for days now, ceramic, stone, natural, glazed, unglazed, non-slip, porous, honed, tumbled, just to name a few. Tiles and natural stone, anything from 50x50 mm to 900x900 mm, can also differ in scale.

In certain situations, each and every sort of tile can attract dirt, dust, wear and tear and even mould. That said, each tile requires continuous maintenance and protection from everyday elements.

Grout Cleaning at William’s Landing

Unfortunately, when left ignored, grout cleaning is the nightmare of any home owner-it is difficult to disregard its presence and state. Being so porous, grout absorbs dirt, dust, stains, mould and lime at very high speeds and can stain permanently if not properly handled.

Grout is the fine lines between the tiles, which can vary from 1 mm to 12 mm depending on the type of tile and personal desired grout lines. The greater the distance, the more dirt it is going to draw.

Grouts are usually very porous. Sand and asphalt, which can be much more brittle, are typically made of floor grout. The only grout available that repels stains and can last a lifetime is epoxy grout. It isn't easy to keep grout lines clean. The lighter the colour of the grout, the harder it is to preserve cleanliness.

Professionals such as Carpet Cleaner Melbourne at William’s Landing perform grout cleaning. In order to properly handle and clean the grout, it needs expertise, experience and specialist equipment.

No tile and grout cleaning in Williams Landing job is big or small for us. For a Free Quote get in touch via call or email.

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CARPET CLEANER MELBOURNE provides cleaning services to the greater Melbourne area. We service residential, business, and institutions. Our wide range of activities can meet almost any sort of cleaning services. Whether you need end of lease cleaning or institutional janitorial services we provide some of the best expertise and technology around. We pride ourselves on our systematic approach that can provide deep cleaning at the best possible price.


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Sarwar Shameem

About carpet steam cleaning this company has more than 10 years of experience. We can trust and call them about any sort of cleaning service. Their customers experience and communication always upto the mark.Cleaning is always a service related to the mix of experience, expertise and skilled workmanship. This company has all the skills that you required to do the job.I wish their best success in future.

Krishanth Sasikumar

I appreciate the quality provided as the carpet looks new. I had used couple of other service providers before, but this were the best so far. Would surely refer them for their excellent and professional service.

Mohammad Monir Hossain

Carpet Cleaner Melbourne did an excellent work. They arrived on time. Cleaned the carpets with great care. They were very friendly. Price was very competitive too. Strongly recommending.

Modi Divyesh

Carpet Cleaner Melbourne is very professional in carpet cleaning. Very cheap and friendly. Highly recommended.

Harshil Shah

Friendly staff. Reliable service at very economical rate.

Patel Hemin

I have book Carpet Cleaner Melbourne for our carpet cleaning. They did an excellent job, look like new. very cheap and reasonable price. Friendly team. Highly recommended

Parth Patel

Carpet Cleaner Melbourne clean my carpet very well. All the black marks gone after carpet steam cleaning. Thanks a lot guys.


Carpet Cleaner Melbourne is a professional carpet cleaning services. They did an awesome job. Cheap and good. Highly recommended.

Our Promise and Values

At CARPET CLEANER MELBOURNE we believe a fresh working and home environment is a prerequisite to maintaining good health. The professional approach that we provide makes us one of the many leading commercial cleaning companies. We ensure the top standards of cleanliness at all the times. This means we can take the responsibility to provide you with a hygiene environment while you can focus on better things; in the workplace, kids and family. Our full proof system of weekly, monthly, and yearly ensures every part of your environment is clean from top to bottom at all times.