Easy Tips to Maintain Hygiene At your Home

To lead a safe, happy and enjoyable life, it is your responsibility to create a clean and hygienic atmosphere at home. And as they claim, precaution is always better than cure, and you should take the appropriate precautions to protect yourself from some deadly illnesses that could be caused by unhygienic conditions.

It’s not going to give you the comfort and atmosphere to live happily, whether you live in one of the condo suits at 25 Mabelle condos or some other upscale and comfortable apartments if space is not properly cleaned and organised.

Regardless of whether you use a housekeeping agency’s cleaning services or do it yourself, here are some of the easiest ways to preserve home cleanliness and hygiene.

1. Do not leave buckets of water in or near your home or open containers of water, as these places act as a perfect setting for breeding mosquitoes that cause fatal diseases.

2. To clear spider webs, cleanse the ceiling and the walls.

3. Do not forget to clean the fans’ blades as well.

4. It is important to dust the carpets before you put them on the floor.

5. At regular intervals, wash the sofa covers and the cushions, as you can adjust them every month.

6. Using the appliances and furniture to clean the dust coating.

7. When you eat there, crumbs of food products will often fall on the sofa or couch. Make sure that you quickly clean them.

8. The rooms must have enough windows for the sun’s rays to penetrate. Millions of germ particles can destroy sunlight.

9. If you’ve got a fish tank, change the water at regular intervals.

10. It is better to vacuum, sweep, or mop the floors regularly, doing it every day.

11. If you have pets, because of their hair or furs, the rooms can get dirtier; make sure to clean that too.

12. If you have children at home, then it is of primary importance to maintain the space.

13. Adjust the curtains, too as they begin to get dirty as they come into contact with the pollution outside.

14. Often cover the foods with covers, do not leave them exposed, as many bugs such as cockroaches attract foods.

15. Test the drainage system to prevent logging of water in the bathroom and kitchen as well.

16. Before you use them, make sure the chopping board, the knife and the kitchen counters are well washed.

17. Before you cut them, wash the vegetables.

18. To get rid of vapours and smells, exhaust fans or kitchen vents are necessary.

19. In the kitchen, put trash cans and empty them after use.

20. It is often best to instal an aqua guard or a water purifier.

21. It is not only necessary to purify the water, but also to clean the containers where you store water.

22. For ventilation, your kitchen should have at least one window.

23. Keep your kitchen room away from your cats.

24. The kitchen vents or exhaust fans have to be washed as they get very dirty due to daily usage within periodic intervals. By contacting experts, you can do repairs or clean these appliances.

25. Use kitchen cleaners to clean the kitchen room, as clearly clean areas are found to be polluted by germs in many instances.

26. Make sure the kitchen smells nice; this can be achieved using lemon extract or vinegar.

27. The drainage in the bathroom should be effective and water logging should be avoided.

28. The water you use for everyday tasks at home is held in an overhead tank. The overhead tank is washed at least once or twice a year. If the water is not clean, food poisoning can result.

29. Clean your bathroom towels and then dry them. Before you go to bed, dry the towels for a few minutes. Then you can get fresh towels in the morning.

30. If there are any small gaps near the door or walls, then immediately plug the holes. Through them, pests such as ants or cockroaches will invade your home.

Wrapping Up

Hygiene is all about good practises that help you keep the environment safe and hygienic. Hygiene is synonymous with cleanliness and you will not be able to build a safe and hygienic atmosphere in your home or office unless you keep your home clean and tidy. To preserve cleanliness and hygiene at home, here at Carpet Cleaner Melbourne we have discussed some of the best practises and hope you can use these tricks. Feel free to share these tips and spread the joy.

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