Do I need professional office cleaning?

Each successful business reaches a point when their office grows enough to consider a professional cleaner. Should you stay scrappy and clean the space yourself? Or is it time to hire professional office cleaning?

Here are some reasons you might choose professional office cleaning:

#1 Professional office cleaners are consistent and reliable

When it’s just you cleaning your one-man-shop every week, it is easy to maintain consistency. But as your company grows, you will have no time to clean yourself anymore. Delegating cleaning to “whoever is less busy” usually produces sloppy results.

A professional cleaner will come in at the same time, do the same job and maintain the same standard. You will always know where to find what and will never be ashamed to invite a big client to an ad-hoc meeting.

#2  Professional office cleaners will clean at night

If you delegate cleaning to employees, they clean whenever they get some time. This inevitably disturbs others and limits quality. It is illegal to keep employees at work past office hours, so mopping will likely remain your responsibility.

Professional cleaners are trained to work after office hours. They will you ask all the right questions in advance and will not disturb you during family time.

#3 Professional office cleaners know what’s dirty

Professional office cleaners will track down the areas that accumulate dust, dirt and bacteria. They know how often to clean your coffee machine, which part of the carpet had the most traffic and how to tell if the toilet is about to clog.

#4 Professional office cleaners use the right cleaning supplies

If you hire a professional, you no longer need to store a collection of cleaning supplies. You also won’t need to go through maintenance details for every bit of flooring, carpeting and furniture.

If you use the wrong supplies and damage a rented office, you are liable. If you hire a professional cleaner and they damage your rented office, the liability is on them.

#5 Professional office cleaners won’t shy away from a big mess

We all have these busy seasons when work is overflowing. End of financial year for accounting firms. The holiday season for travel agencies. Grant writing seasons for NGOs. Small offices often get very messy during these stampedes.

After the season is over, bringing in a professional cleaner boosts employee morale and sets you up for another smooth year.

And why do you hire professional cleaners? Please, give us a call 0415 261 466 for the quote.



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