Astounding Ways to Make Your Leather Last Longer

Astounding Ways to Make Your Leather Last Longer

Today caring for your furniture is easily overlooked by many, but to maintain the value of your furniture, it is important to follow a few simple steps. At Carpet Cleaner Melbourne, we have the most economical plans for your upholstery cleaning including your leather upholstery in Melbourne. We believe that neat and clean leather makes one’s home appearance visually pleasing and appealing. Leather furniture adds a luxurious touch to your home but it comes at a significant investment. Here are some steps from our experts on how to maintain the leather upholstery and get the value of your investment. These steps will assist you in keeping your leather furniture looking as good as new for a longer period.

Clean Stains Immediately

Leather is a porous material. It can absorb whatever liquid it comes in contact with including water, oil/grease, and, even sweat. It is always recommended to keep a clean, soft and absorbent cloth ready at for times. We never know when a cup of coffee or a glass of wine can slip from the hands and stain your leather. Remember, the longer you leave a stain on it, the more difficult it’ll be to get it out.

Keep Away From the Sun

Sun damages leather. If your leather is exposed to extreme temperatures and there is minimal ventilation, it tends to crack. So remember to avoid placing your leather furniture too close to windows, air vents or radiators.

Stain Protector

A stain protector is a precautionary measure that can assist you in saving a ton of trouble. Today there are ample of stain protector options available in the market. Choose what kind of stain protector would your leather need.

Regular Conditioning

The best way to extend the life of your leather upholstery is to condition it every few months. Conditioning your leather sofa prevents it from developing cracks and drying out. Just like dry skin, a dry leather couch can get cracked and flaky.

Leather adds class and sophistication to your home. At Carpet Cleaner Melbourne, we are fully dedicated to giving you the most effective cleaning for all your leather furniture cover and seats. Our team of Upholstery cleaning experts make sure that not a single trace of dirt or filth is left on your upholstery. Connect with us today for the best leather cleaning services.

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